Sunday, 10 January 2016

Resolutions and Plans | 2016

It's a few days into a new year and it's the time when think about what we would like to achieve or focus on in the coming months. 

I am not one for resolutions really (I am not good at keeping them for a start) but I thought I'd write a little post about my plans for the next year and what I would like to focus on.

  1. Improve my French. Having been to France last year again, it reminded me that my French is passable for an embarrassed tourist but not for anyone who wants to feel comfortable. I would like to use some of my spare time to keep up with my French, perhaps with books, watching some of my favourite French films or using an app like Duolingo to keep my hand in.
  2. Make time for reading. My GoodReads challenge for 2016 has been set at 75 books. Ambitious for me, but I wanted to see if I could do it.
  3. Make time for family. I live away from much of my family and so I do not get to see them as much as I would like. In 2016 I want to make a concerted effort to get together if possible, and not just via FaceTime.
  4. Go on a couple of trips away from home. I am a keen traveller but with a fairly tight budget this year (see below) and not much time off work, I have to choose wisely. At the moment some plans are in motion for potential trips to Scotland and Portugal. Watch this space.
  5. Save some money. This one should be on everyone's list but is particularly important to me at the moment as I recently got engaged and so am now making wedding plans. I am hoping to put away a reasonable amount of my salary each month without too much difficulty - especially when I know it will be for paying for a wedding and a honeymoon.
  6. Make plans for a wedding. See above - though I confess at the moment it seems like a mammoth task and probably one which won't happen until we have some idea of a budget. Any tips welcome.
  7. Exercise. I work a long day at an office desk and very rarely find time to even get up for a walk around the room, so this one is pretty crucial. I am not proposing I will become a fitness fanatic, but I want to walk (maybe even run) more and swim when I am able. 
  8. Look after myself a bit more. This is rather an all encompassing plan or goal for the year, I know, but I think amidst all my plans of action this coming year, it will be important to take some time out to make sure I look after my emotional health. Whether that means some time in the bath with a face mask, or watching book tubers videos, or sitting in Starbucks, drinking an enormous, full fat Hot Chocolate, I promise to remember to give myself down time in the coming year.
I'd love to hear about other people's aims/resolutions/thoughts/plans for the coming year, so please let me know below.

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